Saturday, October 9, 2010

Behind the Page

Hi everyone! Kendall (aka kendallt) here to bring you the latest edition of "Behind the Page." Hehe...I just love that title. Doesn't it sound so dramatic? ;) I chose the LO I did using Lyndsay's amazing Crisp Days of Fall collab with Julie Bullock.


Okay, I have a confession to make...For the longest time, I hated fall. Blasphemy, I know! Let me explain. I live in the sunny and HOT Southeast, and I love summer! To me, summer just means fun in the sun, a more relaxed, carefree feeling, and wonderful family memories spent at the beach, BBQ'ing outside, or lounging by the pool. And then fall comes along and destroys all that. Perhaps I'm being a little too hard on fall, but I just don't care for cold weather. Plus, here in SC, we don't get much of a fall. The seasons change pretty abruptly, so we very rarely are able to experience the gorgeous fall colors, changing of the leaves, etc.

So, here I am hating fall pretty much all my life until I started scrapbooking. As cheesy as it may sound, being a scrapper has really changed the way I look at life in general and preserving my family's memories. I started seeing all the possibilities fall had to offer and appreciating it for those possibilities. The page I created with Crisp Days of Fall captures my family engaging in one of our favorite fall traditions: pumpkin carving!


Ever since my daughter was a baby, and even before she could really participate, my husband and I have made a huge deal of choosing the perfect pumpkin (or two!) and carving him or her into a jack-o-lantern masterpiece! Usually, my husband is the chief carver, my daughter the all-around assistant and head pumpkin guts scooper, and I'm the resident photographer.

A few years ago, I had an epiphany. This is such a messy project; why don't we do it outside? Brilliant! And so, in my LO, I tried to capture just a few of the fun and silly moments my family had carving our pumpkin last year. I think I speak for my husband and daughter when I say this is something all of us looks forward to year after year--our own little fall family tradition.

Thanks for reading my "Behind the Page," and if you haven't already, be sure to check out Lyndsay's gorgeous kit Crisp Days of Fall in the Scrap Orchard market. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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