Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hey everyone, Lisa here with this weekends Saturday Surprise!

Have you made it to the market yet to pick up Lindsay's latest kit, Color Me Boyish? It is such an adorable and colorful kit, so many cute elements and the papers are stunning!

Here is one of my layouts with this amazing kit

And for today's Saturday Surprise I have a free quick page! Enjoy!
click here to download

Friday, July 23, 2010


Today I had the opportunity to chat with Sarah O. and get to know a little more about her and we thought we would share with you. Let's meet Sarah:

So Sarah how did you find the Scrap Orchard?
A friend introduced me and once I started looking around, I was hooked due to all of the gorgeousness!

How long have you been digi-scrapping?

I started digi-scrapping in 2008 when I realized that little fingers (my then toddler) were no good for traditional scrapbooking. I wasn't getting much done due to time. The set up and clean up took more time than the scrapping! Once I was shown digi-scrapping, I never looked back! I love having all of my supplies in my computer (and having paypal just in case I need some more!)

We would love to know a little more about you??
I live in Southern CA and am married to a wonderful man. We have two small children, (hence the screen name ZachandAvasmom). My other full time job is as a speech language pathologist at a special education preschool. I am blessed to live the life I do!

What is it about Lyndsay's kits that you love so much?
I love the bright colors and the fact that some focus on boys is a big plus!

Which kit by Lyndsay is your favorite and why?
My current favorite is Colour Me Boyish. I love that it compliments Colour Me Girly so that I can make almost matching pages for my children.

We would love to see your favorites layouts using Lyndsay's kits
(this first one is a scraplift of lorimart, but it was perfect for Zach's first day!)

Both of Sarah's favorite layouts were created with Colour Me Boyish

Which is your favorite scrapping program(s)? Photoshop Elements 6 and 8, depending what computer I am on.

Just for giggles, tell me the top 3 things you must have sitting beside you when you're digi-scrapping??
Usually my blackberry, the tv remote and my kids (not that I MUST have them there, but they usually are!)

Thanks for the wonderful chat Sarah and for giving us the opportunity to get to know you better. Just for participating and being such a wonderful customer Sarah will get a coupon to Lyndsay's store to say thanks!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hybrid Humpday!

Hi everyone,
It is Lori here today. I haven't been around the blog in a loooong time. Lately I feel like I have fallen off the face of the earth. I have been crazy busy lately and haven't been able to do any scrapping. I am so looking forward to doing some scrap therapy this weekend and what I am going to start with is some hybrid. I was looking though Lyndsay's gallery for some inspiration and I am thrilled with the things I have found. I am definitely going to be lifting some of these this weekend.

Take a peek at this card by wildblueyes. I LOVE it. And I think that it is a great example that hybrid doesn't need to be overly difficult and threatening. A simple but gorgeous card that anyone can make!
Here is a wonderful idea for an invitation for a baby shower. You could use it for whatever occasion your are planning. Helen made this card back in April and I am still looking at it thinking that one of these days I am going to make one too. Maybe I can come up with an event to plan this weekend just so I can make one of these.
Here is another one from KSCroppy Chick and what a great way to use a wonderful kit to plan a party.

And one more idea from Sally, aka KyRainbow. What a sweet little package for putting in a little gift!
So where to start this weekend. I don't know, I think a little card, a little package and a whole lot of scrapping. I hope you all do the same!
Until next time,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Surprise!

Hello hello!
How are you all doing?! Hope you are having a fun Saturday and a relaxing one as well! It's Sherly here bringing you another fun Saturday Surprise!
As you all know that this week, Lyndsay has released the awesome Colour Me Boyish!

Have you grabbed it?! I love how cheerful and colourful this kit is! What's more is that it's 20% off until next Friday! So, if you haven't grabbed it yet, you should run and grab it NOW!
Well, to celebrate this new release, I've made a coordinating clustered frame using Colour Me Boyish, just for YOU!
To grab it, just click on the image below or the link underneath the image. I hope you like it! And, we'd love to see how you use it! You can link us up your LO in the comment of this post so we can leave you some love =)

That's all peeps! Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 16, 2010

NEW! Color me Boyish, Quick Pages, A Freebie and MORE!

Hi everyone,
Di here again, with lots of fun Lyndsay stuff to show you, including a new release, a special bundle offer, contest details and a let's get started.

Remember the adorable Color Me Girly Kit that Lyndsay released last month? Well check out the equally sweet Color Me Boyish Kit!

As always, this Fresh Fruit is 20% OFF the regular price until July 22!
Color Me Boyish Full Kit (reg $5.99)


Special Free with Purchase Offer
Buy the Color Me Boyish Kit and get the Quick Page Pack free!
July 16-22
Color Me Boyish Quick Page Pack $3.19 (reg $3.99)


And if you want to purchase BOTH the Color Me Girly and Color Me Boyish kits, why not purchase the bundle for some extra savings!

Color Me Bundle $9.99 (reg $12.00 Value)
Purchase until July 22 at just $7.99


A Special Freebie for You!
Download this fun pack of crayon doodle elements that would look great with either of the Color Me Kits! Click on the image, or here, to download from 4shared.


Phew! That's some awesome goodness at Lyndsay's store. Isn't it!

I've got one last thing to share with you. Scrap Orchard is having an amazing competition, where you can win some incredible prizes! Just look at these!


This is a contest you don't want to miss out on. Prizes include an iPAD, iPOD Touch, Scrap Orchard Gift Certificates, and so much more! And it's super easy to participate! Just collect points by completing the challenges. The more points you collect, the more chances you have of winning. There's no eliminations. There's no judging! Just a prize drawing! The game is already ON! hop over to the Iron Scrapper forum for all the details! You know you want to!

Well I'm blogged out! I hope you have a super scrappy weekend.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sneak Peek

Hello scrappers,
Di here. Just wanted to pop in and give you a quick sneak at Lyndsay's newest kit.


Don't the colours look fun! I know you'll love this kit as much as I do.

Be sure to check back on Friday for the kit's reveal!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meet Lyndsay's CT!

Welcome to another addition of "Meet Lyndsay's CT". Every month, we'll highlight one of Lyndsay's CT Members, so you can get to know us better. This month, we're showcasing CTM Angie! Here's a little bit about her:

1. Your Name
Angie-aiacob in the forums

2. Your Photo

3. How long you've been on Lyndsay's team
Just over a year. It has been so fun to work with Lyndsay's incredible kits!

4. Your favourite Lyndsay product
Little Angel

5. Your favourite layout created using Lyndsay's stuffs
This is one of my very first layouts using Lyndsay's kits. I love how it turned out! I used Spring Fresh one of my favorite kits!

6. Where do you get/what gives you - your scrapping inspiration
My family is the first source of inspiration. Everything we do and the places we go just inspire me. I love to look through galleries too.

7. Do you usually start with the picture or the paper?
Picture--then I know where I will want to go with the layout.

8. Your favourite snack/drink while you scrap
I don't really snack while I scrapbook. To worried about spilling or crumbs in the keyboard.

9. Anything else you want to tell everybody?????
I am loving my digital scrapbooking experience. I love that my layouts can be digitally preserved and I won't have to worry about the printed copy being handled too much. There is a way to duplicate it! I started designing digital kits last March and now my digital scrapbooking has become an all consuming adventure. Everywhere I go and everything I see--I think I can scrap that! I am meeting so many great and wonderful people everyday who share a love for this hobby. It is so great!

10. A link to your SO gallery

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hi all....Helen here!! Hope your week was a good one. For me it flew by quicker than a flash of lightening. Even though it was just a four day work week I am still amazed at how fast it went. That, of course, leaves me shaking my head at everything I still need to get done before my nephews' birthday party! I have a cake to decorate and a birthday card to design, print and fashion together, hybrid-style. Oh yeah, and I started things off on the wrong foot last night when I went to bake the cakes and realized I didn't buy the eggs. Ughs! Eggs are an essential ingredient Helen!!! Nothing like being in your comfy clothes, covered in powered sugar from making the three batches of icing, only to realize you have to run to the store now. Never will I be a contender for the crown of Queen Suzy Homemaker, lol.

Moving on from the drama of my life. I am really here today to take you "behind the page" of one of my layouts. I chose this layout entitled "delicious". Time to dish the goods.....

I used the kit, Berry Delightful, designed by Lyndsay herself. I also used a template by Crystal Livesay called Aly's Jumpers. This kit is so adorable. I love reds, greens & blues all mixed together and that little birdie I used is my favorite element in the stinkin' cute!!!

These photographs were taken, as the tag shows, Easter of this year. My family and I spent the afternoon at my brother and SIL's home where we BBQ'd and hid easter eggs for a hunt. Okay, maybe hid isn't quite the right word....the boys were not quite 2 yet so it was more like "hid in plain sight so the boys could walk right passed them and still miss them" hunt. In the photos are:

Top Left: My mom and her grandson, Trevor.

Bottom Right: My mom and her great-grandson, Caiden.

Did you catch that? My mom became a great-grandmother AND a grandmother (again) within 7 weeks of each other in 2008. The SIL always reminds mom how it was "her" that made my mom "younger" by giving her a grandson vs. a great-grandson. Yes, both boys were quite a surprise. Neither were planned but both are loved endlessly & obsessively.

So, the boys had each been given these adorable miniature, plastic wheel barrels overflowing with easter grass. Inside, among the grassy grass were oodles of eggs filled with candy and even some toys to boot! The candy they seemed to love the most were the little bitty round candy-coated chocolates that came about 6 to a sleeve. They kept dropping them on the floor so Grandma a.k.a. Memaw decided to just squeeze them out into her hand and let them each take one at a time. She soon realized she had all the bribery she needed to get sweet kisses. So began the game.....a kiss for a candy.....a kiss for a candy.....a kiss for a candy. It is moments like these we can never get back again and I am so glad I had my camera and captured it for future smiles to be had.

That, my friends, is the story behind this page of mine. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a blessed weekend!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Do you need a Juicy Summery Blast?

Hi everyone, Di here. Happy Friday!

When I was browsing through Lyndsay's store at Scrap Orchard the other day, my eyes kept on being drawn to her Juicy Citrus kit.


Don't you just love the bright summery colours. I certainly do. This kit is perfect for scrapping all your summery layouts.

Here's some inspiration from Lyndsay and the team.





and Kirsty:

I hope that has given you some inspiration for your summer scrapping. And as an extra bonus, here's a coupon. Use the code BlASt-CiTrus before 31July10, to get 35% off the Juicy Citrus kit at Lyndsay's store.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Freebie Time!!

It's official - I think I have a new favourite digi scrapping kit by Lyndsay Riches! And this is it... There are a TON of elements that can just be used over & over! Here's few layouts that the CT did with this kit:
By Sherly
By LoriJ
And by Niki And now just for you I've made a set of word art using this fantastic kit :) There's three different word arts but both come in the US version using Mommy and the euro (well the UK version anyway)version of Mummy. I hope you like them - just click the image to download :)