Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hi all....Helen here!! Hope your week was a good one. For me it flew by quicker than a flash of lightening. Even though it was just a four day work week I am still amazed at how fast it went. That, of course, leaves me shaking my head at everything I still need to get done before my nephews' birthday party! I have a cake to decorate and a birthday card to design, print and fashion together, hybrid-style. Oh yeah, and I started things off on the wrong foot last night when I went to bake the cakes and realized I didn't buy the eggs. Ughs! Eggs are an essential ingredient Helen!!! Nothing like being in your comfy clothes, covered in powered sugar from making the three batches of icing, only to realize you have to run to the store now. Never will I be a contender for the crown of Queen Suzy Homemaker, lol.

Moving on from the drama of my life. I am really here today to take you "behind the page" of one of my layouts. I chose this layout entitled "delicious". Time to dish the goods.....

I used the kit, Berry Delightful, designed by Lyndsay herself. I also used a template by Crystal Livesay called Aly's Jumpers. This kit is so adorable. I love reds, greens & blues all mixed together and that little birdie I used is my favorite element in the stinkin' cute!!!

These photographs were taken, as the tag shows, Easter of this year. My family and I spent the afternoon at my brother and SIL's home where we BBQ'd and hid easter eggs for a hunt. Okay, maybe hid isn't quite the right word....the boys were not quite 2 yet so it was more like "hid in plain sight so the boys could walk right passed them and still miss them" hunt. In the photos are:

Top Left: My mom and her grandson, Trevor.

Bottom Right: My mom and her great-grandson, Caiden.

Did you catch that? My mom became a great-grandmother AND a grandmother (again) within 7 weeks of each other in 2008. The SIL always reminds mom how it was "her" that made my mom "younger" by giving her a grandson vs. a great-grandson. Yes, both boys were quite a surprise. Neither were planned but both are loved endlessly & obsessively.

So, the boys had each been given these adorable miniature, plastic wheel barrels overflowing with easter grass. Inside, among the grassy grass were oodles of eggs filled with candy and even some toys to boot! The candy they seemed to love the most were the little bitty round candy-coated chocolates that came about 6 to a sleeve. They kept dropping them on the floor so Grandma a.k.a. Memaw decided to just squeeze them out into her hand and let them each take one at a time. She soon realized she had all the bribery she needed to get sweet kisses. So began the game.....a kiss for a candy.....a kiss for a candy.....a kiss for a candy. It is moments like these we can never get back again and I am so glad I had my camera and captured it for future smiles to be had.

That, my friends, is the story behind this page of mine. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a blessed weekend!


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