Saturday, November 20, 2010

Customer Spotlight!

Hi all! Yolanda here, bringing you today's Customer Spotlight. Our victim this time around is Tammy [aka tammybean]. Let's get to know her a bit, shall we?

1. Your screen name? Your real name? Tammy and on the forums I use tammybean, which is a mixture of my name and my big kitty Sydneybean, who is the queen bee of our home.

2. How long have you been scrapping? Which program do you use? I have been digi scrapping for about 3 years, and I am still as obsessed now as I was when I first started. I use a mixture of CS3 and Fireworks.

3. What is your favorite thing about digi scrap? I love the fact that I can create wonderful memories of my kiddos. I must admit however while I can do this paper style, I am so not a very creative person. Digi allows me to use a template, delete, use an element multiple times and change the kit up to my style. Plus did I mention I can use the delete key! I cant tell ya how many times I have started out a layout and it ended up totally different then when I first started.

4. Describe your ideal scrapping environment (music, drink, desk, couch, etc). I am a diet coke freak, so I usually have a diet coke next to me while I scrap. Also it all depends on my mood as to what my scrapping environment consist of. I do all my scrapping at my desk, sometimes I listen to music, other times I prefer to scrap in complete silence. One bad thing for me is I am easily distracted so you can usually find me on FB while I work on my layout.

5. What is your favorite Lyndsay Riches product and why? friendsdotcom is my favorite kit by Lyndsay, for someone who spends most of her time on the computer chatting with friends, checking mail and scrapping, it is the perfect kit. I love the bright fun colors and cute modern technology elements.

6. Share your favorite LO created with Lyndsay's stuffs.

7. What are your top 3 favorite foods? Salad, Lasagna and home made Cheeseburger Calzone (hubby makes this and it absolutely rocks!!).

8. What is your favorite movie and/or TV show? For TV, I absolutely LOVE True Blood (I am so ADDICTED...must watch every week, although I love the books 10x's more) and as for my favorite movie I would have to say The Ugly Truth (who doesnt love Gerard Butler).

9. Tell me a little more about yourself. I am a SAHM of three wild boys. Hubby and I are from NY, but moved to TN 4 years ago. When I am not in front of my computer scrapping or spending time with the family you can find me curled up somewhere with a book. I am so seriously obsessed with reading, I dont know which obsession is stronger that or scrapping.

10. So I hear it's your birthday today :o) Any fun plans to celebrate? Hubby is taking me out to lunch, and then we are going to see the newest Harry Potter at the theatres!

Thank you bunches for letting us pry, Tammy! And happy birthday to you! :o) For being a good sport, Tammy will receive a coupon to Lyndsay's store at Scrap Orchard - woot, woot! If you would like a chance at being spotlighted and earning a fab surprise, all you need to do is upload your layouts using Lyndsay Riches products to her gallery at SO. Easy, right? So hop to it! Maybe you'll be in the spotlight next time around ;o) Happy scrapping everybody!!

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SassyDigiScrapper said...

Sorry just seeing this, you did an amazing job with this..:D Thanks for interviewing me!