Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blast From the Past Wednesday!

Hi everyone! Rachel here (rachnmaddie) bringing you today's Blast from the Past! I don't know
about your house, but my two girls are so jazzed about Valentine's Day this year. They keep asking when their school parties are and when they are going to be able to take their little Valentines to school to pass out. Now, I am not against the holiday, I love to get a little 'lovey' gift from my honey, and maybe even enjoy a night out on the town sans kids, but as far as the little girls are concerned, their dad and I would much rather lock them in their rooms than think about Valentine's Days to come! LOL!

So that is what had me thinking about this week's Blast From the Past! Lyndsay has this adorable lovey dovey kit in her shop called Crosswords of Love, and it is today's Blast From the Past kit. I love it because of the soft color palette and the uniqueness of the crosswords!!!

Here is a cute one I made with this kit. Now this was before I was even on Lyndsay's creative team, I snagged this amazing kit back then because I love the combo of browns and pinks!

How about some beautiful examples of how you could use this kit to scrap your memories with from our amazing creative team!

By Ellie:
By Lori:
So, in honor of "Love Day" as my daughter calls it, Lyndsay has made a little coupon for you to snag Crosswords of Love for an amazing 35% off! You can snag it at this discounted price until March 15th using this coupon code: CroSSwoRDs-BlASt

Enjoy :) Thanks for reading!

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