Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet Sarah!

Hey everyone! Yo here, bringing you another CT spotlight. I get the pleasure of introducing you to Sarah, aka zachandavasmom.

Your Name? Sarah

How long have you been on Lyndsay's team? Since September 2010

Your favourite Lyndsay product?

Your favourite layout created using Lyndsay's stuffs?

Where do you get/what gives you - your scrapping inspiration? My kids, usually. A great picture usually screams at me to be scrapped and sometimes I love a kit so much that I just have to find a photo or take a photo that matches it!

Do you usually start with the picture or the paper? Usually the picture, but as I said, sometimes the kit just jumps out at me! I generally do elements first so that I can use them all then match the paper after. I know I am backwards!

Your favourite snack/drink while you scrap? I don't usually eat or drink, unless it is a glass of wine or maybe a beer.

Anything else you want to tell everybody????? I have a wonderful husband, two crazy kids (zach is 4.5 and ava is 3) and my terrier mix, Zave. I am so grateful that my husband helps so much or I would never have time to scrap on top of my two full time jobs (mom and speech pathologist at a special education preschool.)

Do me a favor and check out Sarah's gallery - you won't be disappointed!

Happy scrapping!

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