Thursday, June 11, 2009

Listen...Do You Want To Know a Secret??

Well...I *HAVE* a secret...and I'm just about bursting to tell you!

I *CAN* tell you the best part: I have found a new store to call HOME!!

What I can't tell you is WHICH STORE that is! But you'll find out VERY SOON! Sunday evening, to be exact! And you DO NOT want to miss all the stuff that will be going on...there will be FREEBIES, and of course a GRAND OPENING SALE!

So, stick around - I'm SUPER excited to share the news with all of you!


Erin said...

Yippee!! Can't wait!! :)

Anne of Alamo said...

Exciting times! I am so horrible with secrets.....hold on til Sunday...and then boom explode!

Judy said...

Hey! It's Sunday evening here!!! 7pm...
GIVE IT UP already!

Jan said...

Lyndsay, I am so excited that you are now a Scrap Orchard girl. I voted for you and even though you did not win the SYTYCD, you still won as far as I am concerned. I so loved working with your kits at SD. Wanted to apply for your CT, but have another surgery coming up. Go girly, you are rocking these kits! What a talent you have. :)