Sunday, May 2, 2010

If You're Really Quick ...... might just be able to grab these awesome kits for just $1. The Farmers Market at Scrap Orchard is just about over, but I wanted to show you a couple more of Lyndsay's kits before they go back to normal price.

Swirly Month Strips


Black & White and Read All Over


Whisper Mini Kit


Hope you've been able to grab yourself some bargains.
Till next time,

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Jaime said...

Hi! I'm on the RSC Design Team and am wanting to write a little article on you for the upcoming issue. Can you email me your email address. Jen said she only communicated to you through FB and did not have your email. So if you could email me, I'll send you over what we need! Thanks. hulseys(at)msn(dot)com