Saturday, September 18, 2010

Freebie Time!

I love the fall! Summer in the Washington, DC area is uncomfortably hot and humid, so we spend a lot of time sitting inside with the air conditioning on. By mid-September the humidity is gone, but it's still sunny and warm. That's probably why my family has so many outdoor fall traditions. In a few weeks we'll drive to a beautiful orchard on a mountain for our annual apple picking trip. The air will be crisp, the leaves will be gorgeous shades of red, yellow and orange, and the apples will be sweet and juicy. I can't wait to go. But since I have to wait, I couldn't resist making this apple frame for you.

Download here.

I used elements from Lyndsay's Playful Kit and her Crisp Days of Fall Collab with Julie Bullock.

Enjoy your autumn!


Karen said...

Thank you for this frame, it's very cute!

happyscrapper said...

Reminds me of fall in upstate New York. Fresh cider and home made apple pies! Thank you for the frame!

CĂ©lia Costa (Celly) said...

Thanks so much for this lovely freebie !