Saturday, September 11, 2010

Behind the Page

Hey all! Caits here with my very first blog post for Lyndsay.Im sorry if i ramble but thats just the way i am :) .Im gonna tell you a bit more about my page Online Friends which uses Lyndsay and Amys collab "" avaliable at Scraporchard.

I decided that this kit was perfect to scrap my friendship with my online buddy Eryn.We met on another ct team im on about 6 months ago but it feels like weve been friend forever.We talk all the time on msn and all over.I grabbed her avi to scrap with and i didnt tell her first or I knew she wouldnt let me use her picture lol! Mine is just my avi aswell since its forums were on together and out avis are how we recognise each other all over digiland.This kit was beyond perfect because of all the little computer ellies and the WordArt and such.Its amazing how digiscrapping has changed my life so much and brought so many new people into my life.What a big soppy girl i am! lol! but tis true! this is one of my favourite layouts to date because it means so much and the journalling is just from me.I just let my fingers type and this was the result
So there you go! a little bit more about my page " online bff's" .Thanks for reading and have a great day.Oh and i wanted to say something about 9/11 but no words seemed right.So ill just say what ive said every year.We will never forget....

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