Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meet the CT....Ellie

Hey everyone! Carrie here to bring you another installment of Meet the CT. This month I have the absolute pleasure to introduce Ellie to you!! So, without further's Ellie!!

1. Your Name - Ellie

2. Your Photo

3. How long you've been on Lyndsay's team - Ummmm....well I was originally with Lyndsay when she was selling her awesome stuff at Inspiration Lane, then things came up & I had to leave the CT for a while. After things calmed down for me, I came back (thanks Lyndsay!) in December 2009 :)

4. Your favorite Lyndsay product - Seriously just one?! Ummm...then I go with....ummm...Joyous Christmas - I have a thing for Christmas kits & that is one I keep coming back to

5. Your favourite layout created using Lyndsay's stuffs -

6. Where do you get/what gives you - your scrapping inspiration - my kiddos, looking through various galleries & templates

7. Do you usually start with the picture or the paper? - If I'm doing a page for a CT then usually I start with the paper/kit & find pictures to fit it. Otherwise it's always the picture.

8. Your favorite snack/drink while you scrap - Chocolate & orange squash (I don't like Tea & I'm not keen on Coffee)

9. Anything else you want to tell everybody????? Take a look in Lyndsay's store because she's got some awesome stuff in there & if I wasn't on her CT then I'd be buying it all myself :)

10. A link to your SO gallery -

Go check out her gallery and check out some of her rockin' pages!!

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